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The weather in West Bend was far too cold at this time of year for travellers to feel comfortable. The windiest day of the year was January 15, the coldest January 16 with a maximum of -21 degrees Fahrenheit.

The clearest part of the year in West Bend began around June 9 and lasted 4.4 months until it ended on October 22. The wind came from the north and reached wind speeds between 15 and 20 km / h. Winds were blowing north from 16 to 18 mph on January 16 with a maximum of -21 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind was blowing from north to south, at a speed of 25 - 30 km / h or more and was between 8 - 10 km / h (12 - 14 km).

The coldest day of the year was January 29, with an average low of -10AdegCG and a high of 2ADegG. The hottest day of the year was July 19, with an average high of 27ADEGC and lows of 16ADGEC. This coolest period of the year lasted 5.4 months, the brightest period from June 9 to October 22 and lasted 4.5 months until the end of October. Another day in this year's cool wet was February 28 with an average temperature of + 2ADegaC and another day on October 23 with -3ADgeC (-21C).

Most of the rain fell on 31 days, in the middle of June, and most of the snow fell on December 29, with an average high of -2C. The cool rainy season from 9 June to 22 October saw the fewest snow in 30 days. The warmest period of the year, the coldest month, saw the most rainfall in October, with an average low of 2ADegaG and a maximum of + 1AdegC. The coolest months of the coldest rainy season of the year saw a total of 5.4 months of the least rainfall.

The rainy season of the year lasted 11 months, with 31 precipitation days between the average low of -2ADegaG and the maximum of + 1AdegC. The wet season lasted 6.2 months, with the average peak of 2AW on any given day being the wettest day, while the windiest part of the year lasted 7.4 months.

The maximum sustained wind speed on any day that lasts longer than a few moments is between the beginning and mid-April, when the average sustained wind speed reaches + 2AW, which is considered a light breeze. Maximum sustained winds with a maximum speed of + 1 AW or higher were considered moderate, with the highest speeds lasting only a few moments on days, while the lowest sustained speeds lasted during the rainy season from the beginning - mid-April to the end - May and early June and from the end of June to the beginning of July.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit West Bend, the hottest months are July, August and then June. If you want dry weather, it is February, January, then November, but it rains until the end of October. With humidity, temperatures feel cold for about half the year and there is a good chance of rain during the rainy season from mid-October to the end of November.

The warmest time of the year is generally June, July and August, when highs often exceed 27.8 degrees Celsius and temperatures rarely drop below 62.3 degrees.

The quietest day of the year is August 3rd, and the average wind direction is the four cardinal points during the hour. Excluding the hours when the average wind speed is less than 1.6 km / h, the average wind speeds for the whole year are between 1 - 4 km / h.

The average wind speed is between 1.6 and 4 km / h, with a maximum of 2.5 km / h.

The vertical axis is the hour of the day, the horizontal axis is the days, and the colored areas indicate when the moon is above the horizon. The lightly tinted areas along the borders are hours spent in the morning, evening or early morning, as well as in the hours of sunrise and sunset. We estimate that the forecast can be made at a certain time using the time before and the time after the desired time.

June to August is the busiest season for tourism to West Bend, and overnight stays and other accommodations can be more expensive than usual. Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance. July, followed by June to May, is one of the best times of the year for camping, hiking, fishing, camping and camping in the area.

According to our tourism forecasts, the best time of year to visit West Bend for camping, hiking, fishing, camping and camping is the end of June to the beginning of September. According to the tourist information, one of the most popular times to visit West Bend is the end of July to mid-August, and the worst time for tourism is early August. The best time to visit West Bend is from the end of May to the end of August and the beginning of October.

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More About West Bend