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Don't miss this award - the award-winning guitar trio from West Bend, Wisconsin, the California Guitar Trio. The California-based guitar trio consists of guitarist / singer / songwriter / bassist / pianist Richard "Rudy" Brown and drummer / saxophonist John "Guitar" Smith, who have been performing together for over 25 years.

Their technical wizardry is breathtaking, as is their ability to play instrumental music and their dazzling, cleverly arranged interpretations of traditional music. Irish traditional melodies that combine with their personal flair have earned them critical accolades and awards, including a Grammy for Best Rock / Hip-Hop Album and a Golden Globe Award.

All age groups will enjoy songs in English, Spanish, French and Swahili, as well as a variety of other musical styles and instruments.

Tickets can be purchased via the link above or by e-mail to uwm - edu @ uwm.edu. Tickets for the West Bend Music Festival concert on Saturday, July 29, are available for $61.

Beer and wine are sold in the theatre lobby as a thank you for the West Bend Music Festival and the concert itself. Socks on the Frying Pan, "which includes appearances by the Hayes brothers and Coyne Hayes, the successful Hayes brother of former UW-Madison football star and current head coach.

More About West Bend

More About West Bend