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Milwaukee, WI - a fantastic DJ company that hosts weddings and DJ parties throughout the state of Wisconsin and other parts of the country.

We have served guests throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for over a decade, and here at Sharp's, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality DJ services in the state of Wisconsin and across the country.

Live wedding music keeps everyone on the dance floor until the last guest has left the dance floor after the reception. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, wedding reception or even a special event, we can provide bespoke entertainment so your guests can dance and sing all night long. We make sure that there are songs and material suitable for all participants, and there is a wide range of music for every type of event, from traditional to modern.

We have a high-quality sound and sound system and also supply tailor-made electric baby wings that can be transported. We also have custom lighting for weddings, parties and special events, as well as a wide range of custom sound systems. This means you get the best of what you won't see anywhere else: duels between sound and lighting systems, custom lighting, sound effects and a variety of special effects.

Choose our Wedding Entertainment and experience every kind of event that is played throughout the West Bend area. We do not take local acts that do not provide the professional performance required for the biggest night of your life. If your dream is one of them, we will help you to make it come true with as good as guaranteed actors. For your event, select a production team to communicate with you about your selection and a sales manager to help you develop your vision.

We only bring in trained musicians who have experience in one place or nationwide. Double Platinum plays music events in West Bend and surrounding areas and other parts of the country.

Pathways Public Charter School was founded to serve the 7th through 10th grades in the West End area with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We have Spectrum and AT & T U-verse, which are conducted throughout the region and online. These include public and private schools, as well as private and charter schools in other parts of the state.

North of the city centre is the Regner Park, which offers a forest area with a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults, as well as a playground. Facilities include a basketball court, tennis courts, volleyball courts and a volleyball court.

US 45 serves the city of West Bend as a major arterial road with a number of bike and footpaths. The Rails to Trails project has added more than 1,000 kilometres of paths, cycle paths, bike parking and bike racks.

West Bend has been branded the geocaching capital of the Midwest (tm), with more than 1,000 geocaches and over 1.5 million caches in the city. At the time of the 2020 Census, there are approximately 3.3 million people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations living in this city, and 13,546 units are for sale in West Bend and its suburbs. The ethnic composition of our city is 94% white, 77% black, 5% brown, 2% Asian, 1% Indian and 0% Hispanic.

At the time, the city included land that is now part of the City of West Bend, and Port Washington became the seat of a new county. In 1854, Washington County moved to West Bend, with the addition of Port Jefferson, a city of about 1,000 inhabitants. West Bend and Cedarburg and Grafton competed for the material advantage that would result from it, as well as the financial and economic benefits that would be associated with it.

In 1846 Wolcott built a dam and sawmill in the new community, and in 1848 he built the garbage mill. The community that grew around the mill was known as Salisbury Mills, although the name was changed to Barton by 1853. Barton also benefited from the construction of the Barton River and its tributary, the Wabash River. In the 1870s, residents began to develop property along the eastern bank of the river. This community was founded in 1925 as the village of Barton and was located on the west side of West Bend, north of its present location, at the confluence of the west and east.

In late 1845, he bought the land on the east side of the river, north of West Bend, and invited another local landowner, E.N. Higgins, to join in the project.

In 1831, the Menominaeans surrendered their claims to the federal government under the Washington Treaty. The Potawatomi gave up all their land claims in 1837, except for the Treaty of Chicago, which obliged them to leave the area by 1838.

More About West Bend

More About West Bend